AMD Vega is here! Kind of…

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On Wednesday, AMD finally announced the long-awaited first Vega GPU. However, it is surprisingly not for consumers. Called the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition, this graphics card is designed for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

As with most deep learning GPU’s, this card is extremely powerful. Vega FE features 13 teraflops of compute performance and 16GB of HBM2 memory, which is one more teraflop than Nvidia’s top-of-the-line Titan Xp.

However, the most exciting part of this announcement is AMD’s promise that the Vega gaming GPU will be “faster than Frontier version.” If this is true, this will be one of the fastest GPUs on the market designed for gaming.

Unfortunately, Radeon RX Vega (AMD’s name for the gaming Vega GPU) won’t be announced until Computex in the end of May. According to Raja Koduri, Raden’s vice president, “Some of Vega’s features, like our High Bandwidth Cache Controller, HBM2, Rapid-Packed Math, or the new geometry pipeline, have the potential to really break new ground and fundamentally improve game development. These aren’t things that can be mastered overnight…We believe those experiences are worth waiting for and shouldn’t be rushed out the door.”

While Koduri may be right, AMD really needs a great consumer GPU to take on Nvidia’s line and gain back some market share. Like Ryzen, a big graphics card launch could bring back some competition to the GPU space. Until now, going green team was the best option, but it may not be once RX Vega is out.

What do you think about AMD’s new GPU? Are you looking forward to RX Vega’s launch at Computex? Let us know in the comments. We would love to hear from you!

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