iPhone 8 Desires from an Android Lover

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By now, I bet you know I hate all things Apple and love all things Android. With WWDC just half an hour away at the time of writing, this got me thinking: If I were to design the iPhone 8, being the Android-lover I am, what features would it have, and what specs would I like to see? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Yes, yes I did just go there.

To start with the design, it would be something Galaxy S8+-like. The rounded edges feel great in the hand, and Samsung’s screen-to-body ratio is great. What if Apple replaced the back panel with aluminum instead of glass? The phone would keep ties to previous models, but still be a completely new design for Apple. The screen would cover literally the entire display size, with not a micron of space on any side, and the home button would be embedded into the display, using Apple’s Taptic technology to make it feel better than Samsung’s does. Of course, there would be an optical fingerprint scanner built in instead of capacitive.

There would be dual-cameras on the back of the phone, right in the center in a vertical formation. No heart rate monitor, though, because it is relatively useless and if you want one, you should really just buy an Apple Watch (#sarcasm). Apple branding would appear as normal, and the camera bump would be non-existent. Meanwhile, the phone would be packing a 3,500 mAh battery, just like the Galaxy S8+. Just because iPhones are “well optimized” doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a two-day battery.

Rose gold. Get it? It’s a joke.

Overall, the design would be beautiful, and because of the aluminum back, the phone would somehow survive drops.

As for performance, with three gigabytes of ram and an Apple A11 chip, it would be the fastest phone to date. Again, just because Apple devices are well optimized doesn’t mean they can’t also pack a ton of raw power. The iPhone would last a lot longer and would support software updates for years.

I really hope Apple’s Android wouldn’t look like this.

iOS would also be made as customizable as Android. Never mind, scratch that. The iPhone 8 would run Apple’s own customized Android, optimized the way Apple does but using the clean and modern material design of stock Android Nougat. Let’s face it: Apple’s material design looks good, but Android’s looks a lot better.

So that’s the perfect iPhone to me, if I were in Jony Ive’s place as the lead designer. It may look a lot like a much better Android, but in part, that’s the point. This phone is essentially my dream phone, but with an Apple processor instead of a Snapdragon or Exynos one. And while I know Apple isn’t going to release a phone even similar to what I’ve outlined in this article, I hope whatever they release won’t give me another reason to hate the company.

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Zachary Sherman

Since I was a small child, everything tech has interested me. A few years ago, I started watching tech YouTube and after putting two and two together and meeting Alex, we started creating New and Improved.

One thought on “iPhone 8 Desires from an Android Lover

  • June 5, 2017 at 3:11 pm

    Great post, Zachary. I’m amazed you would even consider your “dream iPhone!” I hope Jony Ive is paying attention to your advice. In the meantime, I’ll stick with my Galaxy S8.


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