Is Samsung ready for the Galaxy S8?

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After months of exploration, it seems Samsung has finally figured out the problems with the Note 7’s battery that caused it to ignite in many users’ hands: Oversized batteries and defects are the most notorious. But Samsung, in a press conference on Sunday night, revealed their new practices for checking batteries.

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Samsung now has an eight point system in place for checking batteries before they leave the factory. Why this type of practice was not already being used is still unknown.

Many people in the technology industry are questioning whether Samsung is ready to release another phone. The next installment in their series of Galaxy S flagship devices is slated to be released in April, instead of Samsung’s usual February launch, leaving many wondering about Samsung’s implied motive.

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I believe, however, that Samsung has been ready for a long time for the launch of the Galaxy S8. Samsung is a company known for its over-the-top iPhone killers, and while the Note 7 may have slightly over-stepped its bounds, the S8 is sure to be a great phone — likely one of the best of 2017.

Samsung has learned a lot since the Note 7’s release, and they are absolutely ready for tomorrow. They know how to build a great phone, and they are not messing around anymore.

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Apple owners: Get ready for Samsung to knock your bluetooth headphones off with the Galaxy S8. This time, it will be set on a different kind of fire.

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