Top 5 Android Apps for School

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As a full-time student, apps can be pretty useful to me. Anything that makes my day more productive or efficient is considered a win in my book. Since I’ve been in school for over a decade, I have discovered a lot of amazing apps that really enhance my day.

First up on my list is OfficeLens, the inspiration for this video. Every once in a while, taking a fast snapshot of the whiteboard can be really helpful. But what I’ve noticed is that everyone pulls out their phone, snaps a quick picture, and later finds out the photo is unusable. OfficeLens fixes that. With OfficeLens, images can be taken from almost any angle and cropped using the circles in the corners of the image. I almost always use whiteboard mode, even if I take pictures of papers, and images always come out clean and crisp. OfficeLens is also available on iOS, if you have an iPhone.

Pushbullet is an amazing app that works hand-in-hand with OfficeLens. As soon as I capture a whiteboard, I want to put the image on my computer so I have it for my notes. Since Google Photos can take a little while to sync my images, I need a faster way, which Pushbullet provides. From the sharing menu on my phone, I select Pushbullet, then Chrome. Since I have Pushbullet Desktop on my computer, the image opens immediately in a tab in Chrome so I can save or use it.

Another app I use every day is Gtasks. When I write down my homework, I want to make absolutely sure I remember to do everything, and with Gtasks I never forget. Since Gtasks syncs with the task list built into Gmail, my homework is always available in my inbox. I hadn’t seen an app that interfaced with the Gmail tasks list before I saw Gtasks, so it made me really happy that the functionality of my Gmail tasks had been increased. I used to have to remember every piece of homework I had until I could put them into my computer, but with the app on my phone, that problem has been fully negated.

Next on the list is the Microsoft suite and Google suite. Since different school systems use different applications, I lumped these two categories together, but I’ll be showing off Google’s systems. Google Docs for Android works seamlessly with Google Docs for desktop which makes quick edits on the go really easy. Slides and Sheets also work well, and I like using Sheets for taking lab data without my computer. These apps are also available on iOS.

Lastly, we’ve got TeamViewer. While it’s not specifically a school app, it can be really helpful during the school day. Any time I step away from my computer, I like to be able to know it’s okay, and with TeamViewer, I have very reliable access to my PC from anywhere. TeamViewer has multi-monitor support which is helpful when I’m at home, but when I’m at school it’s a great app to have as well. Sometimes, I need to use the desktop version of a program but I’m not at my computer. In situations like these, TeamViewer is a life-saver.

Now, I know this video was supposed to be the top five Android apps for school, but I can’t finish off this video without mentioning Google Calendar. Since my school (as well as many others) uses MySchoolApp for everything school-related, I can sync my calendar to Google Calendar. I can then put meetings and events on my personal calendar and see all events across both calendars on the same page on all my devices, including my Huawei watch. Before having the watch, I used to take out my phone after every class to see which class I had next, but now, I just check my watch. In addition to being really helpful, it’s also really cool when classmates ask me about my smartwatch.

By the way, if you’re interested in Android Wear, as soon as Android Wear 2.0 comes out in early February, I’ll be working on a Huawei Watch video, so get subscribed so you don’t miss it.

What are your favorite Android and iOS apps for school? Leave a comment so others can use the cool apps you already use. I hope from this video we can generate a great list of apps that students around the world can use during their school days.

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