Apple’s “Switch” website is a load of baloney

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Note: Please keep open while reading this article.  Each paragraph of this article goes along with a paragraph from Apple’s website.

A few days ago, Apple released their ”Switch” website to convince Android and other non-iPhone users to switch to an iPhone. As you may know, I am almost always anti-Apple, and that is for reasons like this website. In this article, I will analyze Apple’s new website and prove it is just a load of baloney.

Will it be easy to switch to iPhone?

As for switching to an iPhone, yes, I’m sure it is plenty easy to do. Apple will always make sure this is the easiest process ever. They will do anything to get you to switch, so making the switching process easy is a no-brainer. When it says “including Google Apps,” this is basically just Apple bashing Apple. Transferring Apple apps to an Android is a much more difficult process because Apple locks down their apps to their platform only. Google, on the other hand, is much more honest and puts their apps (including Google Hangouts, Android’s iMessage alternative) on the App Store. Apple implies this switching function is a “feature” when it is really just a lacking aspect of an iPhone.

Is the camera as good as they say?

Here, Apple is not wrong. More pictures are indeed taken on iPhone than any other singular camera in the world, but there are many different types of Android phones. Apple can’t say more pictures are taken on devices running iOS than devices running Android, because this is simply not true. However, because there are so many choices for an Android phone, no single type of Android phone takes more photos than one type of iPhone. As for Apple’s software features, most Android phones now include a Slo-Mo and Time-Lapse feature, and some even had two cameras before Apple first tried it out with the iPhone 7 Plus.

Why is iPhone so fast?

Again, Apple is right. Their chips are custom-designed, efficient, and do deliver long battery life. Notice, however, that Apple makes no comparison to Android phones here. Because there are so many choices of Android phones, some with humongous batteries, Apple cannot claim that their battery lasts the longest in any phone. Also, here Apple is implying that iPhones are better than Android phones because “everything you do on iPhone feels fast and fluid,” but most Android phones also feel fast and fluid.

Will iPhone be easy to use?

In terms of iPhone’s ease-of-use, Apple gives no evidence. They have no proof that an iPhone is any easier to use than an Android. In addition, most Android phones let you do the same things suggested here in either the exact same amount of time or faster. Plus, if an Android can’t do something an iPhone can natively, chances are there is a way to customize it to do the exact same thing, often in an even better way. Also, Samsung phones come with a Help app as well, so this feature is not at all a leg up on Android.

How does iPhone help protect my personal information?

Privacy may be a priority at Apple, but at Samsung Knox and Blackberry, security is the number one priority. These companies have much more experience than Apple does when it comes to security. Also, Android phones also provide easy-to-install updates as well. This is an expected feature on any smartphone.

What makes Messages so great?

Here, Apple is claiming that Messages is great because it is simple and powerful. In reality, it is a locked-down platform that restricts way too many people to buying an iPhone. I have many friends who would have an Android if it weren’t for iMessage’s incompatibility. Also, Google Hangouts, Google Allo, and Google Duo all encrypt messages as well. In reality, iMessage is a vicious tool Apple uses to ensure their existing users stay with an iPhone and their new customers get stuck in Apple’s inescapable net. Oh, and by the way, iMessage doesn’t shoot real lasers.

Can I get help from a real person?

While there are no Samsung stores in the US, there certainly are in other countries. I am in Israel right now, and there are many Samsung stores where I am. Plus, if you live in the US or another country without Samsung stores, they offer 24/7 live chat and phone support. Many other Android phone companies offer similar plans so their users aren’t left in the dark. In addition, Samsung has a dedicated Twitter handle for support as well.

Can I switch at an Apple Store?

I pretty much covered this section already, but I would also like to mention that carrier stores in the US also make switching to an Android very easy.

What about the environment?

C’mon Apple, you need to use the environment as a reason to switch to an Android? Well, Google can play this game too. This year, Google will achieve 100% renewable energy in its data centers as well. And yes, I’m sure Apple would just love to recycle your Android for you.

Will I love my iPhone?

What is this? A statistic? Wow. Well, actually an incorrect statistic. According to 451Research, where Apple got this statistic from, this data only applies to the iPhone 7. Apple claims this is talking about all iPhones. For more information, please check out 451Research’s report.

Are you ready to switch?

No, I am not ready to switch.


This website, while it may seem convincing to someone who is already about to fall off the slippery Apple ecosystem slope, is actually just facts and opinions about Apple. This website is supposed to convince Android users that iPhones are better than Android phones, but Apple just explains that iPhones are great. They don’t give any evidence as to why Android phones are worse, which is simply because they are not. In many cases, for less money you can get the same (or better) features on an Android as you can on an iPhone, but naturally, Apple doesn’t want to say so.

What do you think of Apple’s “switch” website? Have you seen other websites like it? Be sure to let us know in the comments! We look forward to hearing from you.

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